rowbike 720

Cycling is a great form of exercise, especially for training leg muscles in addition to getting a cardio workout. However with cycling, only the leg muscles do all the work from pedaling. Here’s one odd but interesting-looking bicycle that is made so that a rowing action instead of a pedaling action is needed to travel on the bike.

The RowBike is a bicycle that is made for a more complete workout that involves more muscle groups of the body used while performing a rowing action.

Though it looks pretty cool, it does look like it needs some getting used to and probably should not be attempted by beginner cyclists. That’s due to the fact that the power transferred from rowing into movement comes in waves and one will require a little more effort balancing themselves in the middle of a rowing cycle.

Watch the video of the RowBike in action:



For fans of rowing machines this is surely a nice exercise equipment that allows one to enjoy the freedom of cycling outdoors while having the capability of conditioning their body using a rowing motion. The RowBike goes for $1,283 at Amazon.