Chinese website sosol has released pictures of what’s believed to be Nokia’s new N100 handphone. They seem to be just concept pictures though. The phone sports a large screen and a slide-out qwerty keyboard. It is rumoured to be Nokia’s next generation gaming device after the demise of the N-Gage series by running the device on a faster processor, adding a 3D graphics chip and continuing support to the N-Gage Arena gaming network.

Nokia N100 1

Nokia N100 2

The N100’s screen is definitely the most important feature, providing a large area for viewing documents, surfing and gaming. Well, according to this website again it is said to support the popular N-Gage Arena and has the potential to engage users in fast-paced action games by including a 3D graphics chip in its circuit and running the phone on a processor 3-4 times faster than that of its N-Gage predecessors. Games can be downloaded through HSDPA or WiFi and players are able to challenge each other via bluetooth.

The slide-out qwerty keypad allows for quick text input for e-mail and web addresses and the stylus pen included provides an option for handwriting. Based on the rumours, the N100 will run the Symbian OS on the upgraded s60 platform.

Real or not? You judge. But I believe the answer is no, at least for the dubious pictures.