notebook mug 1

Suddenly remembered that you needed to do something while having a coffee break? You don’t have to keep your mind occupied by trying to remember what just came into your mind while having your break. Simply write it down and you won’t forget. You don’t need a notebook for that, this mug will do the job.

notebook mug 2

The notebook mug is a ceramic mug that comes with lines around it similar to that found in the pages of a notebooks. Just like a notebook, memos can be written on the mug to help you remember stuff like things to do. However instead of using a normal pen, you’ll need to use a dry erase marker for that.

Since it’s erasable, you’ll be able to reuse the mug for writing memos over and over again just as you can keep using the mug for having coffee. It can even be turned into a nifty little desk tidy for storing writing instruments and stationery if you already have another mug for drinking coffee or tea with.

A useful mug great not only as a gift to others but also for yourself.

The notebook mug retails for $16 from Fredflare.