moma notepad clock

Most of the time, memos, reminders, and to-do lists come with a deadline. With a deadline, time is the most important element that stipulates when or by when the task should be completed. Here’s one gadget that brings together both the notepad and clock into a single item.

This is a gadget called the notepad clock, and just as it name states, is a clock that comes with a notepad attached to it.

With this notepad attached to the clock, it will be easy to refer to the time while reading or writing notes. While there are also digital means of doing the same thing, having a note with a clock attached to it means it stays more persistent sitting on a desk, where you’ll always be aware of the presence of the task.

An interesting gadget that will be a useful gift for friends and loved ones.

The notepad clock retails for $25 from Uncommon Goods.