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Wireless charging systems for mobile phones are probably not news for many techies out there but so far these wireless charging systems have only existed as third party add-ons for specific models of phones. However this is set to change as NTT Docomo of Japan has announced the the AQUOS PHONE f SH-13C in its latest 2011 summer lineup, which is the world’s first smartphone to come with a wireless charging system.

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With a smartphone wireless charging system, messy and cumbersome cables can be reduced to a minimum, at least for the last section of cable connection between the smartphone to a power source. This will make it very easy to charge a mobile phone just by laying it on top of the wireless charging pad, without needing to plug a power cable into the phone like most of us do today.

Apart from the main attraction of wireless charging, the AQUOS SH-13C comes with a 1GHZ snapdragon processor, mobile wallet function, infrared communication, an 8-megapixel camera and 14Mbps maximum internet connection bandwidth with tethering capabilities.

The wireless charging system should definitely be the next revolution of smartphone charging. The ease of charging a handset this way will surely reduce the chances of one forgetting to charge their mobile phones while having that bit of cable disappear completely will help to minimize the accident rate of damaged phones due to the tripping of cables.

The AQUOS Phone f SH-13C with wireless charging function is slated for a July-August 2011 summer release in Japan.