nuovoliola 10 queen size sofa bed convertible 1

Some sofa beds can look pretty simple, but not this one. Not only can it convert from a queen-sized bed into a large sofa, it even manages to look stylish at the same time.

nuovoliola 10 queen size sofa bed convertible 2

nuovoliola 10 queen size sofa bed convertible 3

This queen-sized sofa bed called Nuovoliola ’10 is a queen-sized sofa bed that converts into an armless sofa. In sofa mode, the bed is hidden in an upright compartment behind the sofa. At the top of the sofa is a rack that can be used for displaying and storing items like books.

When the bed is needed, the bed can be lowered down from its lower hinge to be set up in a horizontal position. The bottom of the bed goes over the cushions of the sofa. Unlike common sofa beds that have the sofa cushion acts as the bed itself, this one has them separate from each other so you won’t need to have your face lie on where someone’s bum has sat on before. Finally, the rack at the top of the sofa also rotates with gravity and doubles up to be used as the legs at the other end of the bed.

A clever multi-purpose piece of furniture for small homes or for making a room look more spacious. In addition to doing a good job at that, it still manages to make a room look stylish and modern at the same time.

More info on the Nuovoliola ’10 queen-sized convertible sofa bed at Resource Furniture.