o2 hurricane canless air system 1

Compressed air as we know can either in cans or from bulky air compressors, and they are useful for getting dust off nooks and crannies like between the keys of a keyboard and inside a computer casing. Here’s one gadget that replaces the need for buying compressed air in cans but also in a portable size. All that while being wireless and having the capability to be recharged when power runs low.

o2-hurricane-canless-air-system 2

The O2 Hurricane canless air system is pretty much a blower that comes with a small air compressor built into it. It can be used just like a can of compressed air, just that its main power source is electrical energy stored within a battery that powers the compressor in the device, as opposed to pure air pressure as that found in pressurized cans.

Watch the video of the O2 Hurricane canless air system in action below:



A convenient rechargeable gadget that makes it easy to have access to compressed air for cleaning the computer and eliminates the need for buying cans of compressed air when they run empty.

The O2 Hurricane air system retails for $79.95 from Amazon.