octeapus octopus tea infuser

Having a tea break can also mean having a little fun to keep your mind off work for a while. Here’s one tea infuser that will remind you of the beach and the sea.

The Octeapus is a tea infuser that is made into the form of an octopus. Just like its real-life counterpart, it comes with wiggly legs where one of them is shaped like a hook. The hook allows the octeapus to hang on the rim of the cup so that it can be removed easily after the tea is infused and ready for drinking.

The tea infuser is made of heat-resistant silicone and all you need is to fill it with some loose tea leaves and dunk him in a cup of hot water. After a few minutes, you’ll get a nice cup of tea and definitely not a cup of octopus soup.

A fun-looking tea infuser that will be great as a gift for a tea-loving friend or colleague.

The Octeapus octopus tea infuser retails for $11.49 from Perpetual Kid.