4-legged purple octopus usb hub

There are a number USB hubs that that bear the name ‘octopus hubs’ just because they come with many extended USB ports sticking out of a rectangular hub. However this is a USB hub that actually does look like an octopus!

This cute purple octopus USB hub comes with one incoming port and 4 outgoing ports with USB 2.0 specifications enabling speedy data access. Though it may not seem much, the extra length of wire that come as the octopus’ hands do help to extend the reach of your USB gadgets on a large table compared to USB hubs with no hands at all.

Even though it doesn’t come with 7 ports like some of the other heavy-duty USB hubs out there, its cuteness sure does make one’s desktop look less boring and a little more cheerful. The 4-legged USB octopus USB 2.0 hub is available for $28.98 on Amazon.