odin projection mouse 1

Here’s one desktop mouse that does not work like a regular mouse, and on top of that, it does not exist physically but as a projection of light.

odin projection mouse 2

This is the Odin projection mouse, currently as a Kickstarter project. The mouse is projected off a module that is plugged into a USB port, and a surface like a tabletop is needed for it to work. Instead of using it like a mouse where you use your hand to grab, it works like a touchpad where you use it as an interface for touch and gesture-based input.

For those accustomed to the touchpad of a laptop, it will be just like second nature, as the module records your gestures and translates it into pointer and gesture inputs on the computer. However, for those who are used to using regular mice, it can take some getting used to.

odin projection mouse 3

The advantages of the final product is that there is no need for your hand to be grabbing on to the mouse, therefore there’s no awkward bend in the wrist while using it, eliminating complains of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Also, since the usable area is stationary, much less space is needed compared to using a regular mouse.

A cool and interesting way for touch input on desktop computers.

More info on the Odin Projector Mouse on Kickstarter.