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If you’re one of those who love nature, and will always be up to the challenge of camping anywhere in the woods, here’s one cool item that will make camping much more convenient whenever you embark on a nature cycling trip – a one-person bike tent that makes use of the frame of a bicycle as a source of support.

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This one-man bike tent, called the Topeak Bikamper is a one-man tent used for camping outdoors. Unlike typical tents, this bicycle tent makes use of an existing mountain bike for support and since it is only for a single camper, it is lightweight and small enough to be transported easily.

Since the tent is small, it can be packed in a nice compact package and carried on the handlebars of a mountain bike. When it’s time to set up camp, simply remove the front wheels of the bike, plant the struts securely in the ground and unfurl the tent. A quick-release skewer for the front wheels of a mountain bike will surely make this much easier.

With the mountain bike holding up most the tent, the tent will need less internal frame support as compared to a normal tent, and therefore less overall weight.

Being able to carry a one man tent doesn’t mean one should camp alone though, it will be much safer to camp in pairs or larger groups. A tent for each bike and for each person involved will make camping trips both safe and fun.

One cool-looking and cleverly designed one-man tent that will be suitable for adventurous and nature-loving mountain bikers.

The Bikamper one person bike tent retails for $199.95 from Amazon.