Its been a quite a few months since Art. Lebedev announced a pre-order for its Optimus Maximus keyboard at US$1,536 then. This expensive OLED keyboard has finally made its way past its infancy stage and is slated to enter the market in March ’08 at approximately US$462.27 (S$660) and going up to US$1,500 depending on the number of OLED keys purchased.

Optimus Maximus Keyboard By Art Lebedev

Optimus Maximus Keyboard At CES 2008

For those who do not know what the keyboard is about, it’s basically a keyboard with OLED keys that come with dynamic displays. This means that the keys each have a 10.1×10.1 mm OLED display on them that can be configured to show anything from icons to characters in any colour.

For games, the keys will be able to display game keys that have the corresponding icon in the game, although I doubt gamers ever take a look at their keyboards while playing. On the other hand when it comes to text input, it could play an important role especially for foreign text input.

What about keys with faulty displays or simply need to be cleaned? The manufacturers have thought about it as well, as you can see in the video coming up. They have included a tool to easily pick up any key from the keyboard either for replacing or cleaning.

On the software side, the Optimus Maximus keyboard will come with a configurator software that allows the user to do about anything to configure the display and mapping of each key. That beats buying a keyboard for every game available or getting a separate one for foreign text input.

The Optimus Maximus keyboard made it in time for CES this year. Catch a video of the keyboard in action after the jump.

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