oxo good grips plunger style measuring cup 1

Measuring liquids can be easily done with a measuring cup, for runny liquid like water and stock that is. Here’s one measuring apparatus that lets one measure sticky ingredients like honey and cream and be able to push that exact amount out of the measurement cup easily without any leftovers.

oxo good grips plunger style measuring cup 2

oxo good grips plunger style measuring cup 3

The OXO Good Grips measuring cup lets you set the amount to be measured beforehand and it can be poured into the space allocated. Turning the knob allows for fine tuning of the required amount needed. When the liquid has reached the top you know you have the exact amount. All it needs then is for you to turn the knob to push the liquid out for use.

Sticky liquids or even more solid ingredients like cream and soft butter can be pushed out cleanly by the plunger system ensuring no leftovers in the measuring cup and always the correct amount of ingredients for your recipe.

A cleverly-designed measuring cup that is not only useful for sticky liquids but also for other wet and dry ingredients. A nice upgrade to the traditional measuring cup.

The OXO Good Grips plunger style measuring cup retails for $11.99 from Amazon.