pac man coin bank 1

Saving up for a rainy day is always a good thing. With a coin bank like this Pac-Man coin bank you simply can’t resist to feed this dot-eating game character with your spare change at the end of the day.

pac man coin bank 2

pac man coin bank 3

While Pac-Man does not actually gobble up your coins with its mouth (which I think it will be even better if it could), there is a slot located at the top where you can insert the coins just like a typical piggy bank.

Besides hearing the sound of your coin dropping into Pac-Man’s belly, you’ll also hear the recognizable wakka-wakka sound effect of Pac-Man eating the dots from the classic game which will bring back some good memories for the grown up Pac-Man gamer.

The Pac-Man coin bank with sound effects requires 3xAAA batteries to operate and retails for £14.99 at Firebox UK.