pac-man ghost desk lamp pac-man ghost desk lamp demo

Here’s another treat for fans of the wildly popular game from the eighties, a Pac-Man ghost desk lamp for illumination while you use the computer at night.

The Pac-Man ghosts who are adversaries of the dot chomping hero have given up their chase for him and now sit brightly at a desk as a piece of lighting furniture. Each of them is powered by a standard candelabra light bulb on a 110v supply which will douse the room with their colored glow depending on the choice of the lampshade’s color.

While they don’t turn dark blue and start running away when Pac-Man happens to chow down a power-up, the Pac-Man ghost desk lamps will still brighten up a retro gamer’s life by adding a touch of vibrancy into their room. Available in four colors, red, white, yellow and blue. $69.99 each, ThinkGeek.