usb pac man ghost lamps 1

Here’s one cool desktop decoration that will remind you about the cute retro game characters from the game Pac Man. These USB lamps made to look like the ghosts from the classic Pac Man video game are light sensitive, where they will stay switched off during the day and light up when it’s dark at night.

usb pac man ghost lamps 2

usb pac man ghost lamps 3

usb pac man ghost lamps 4

While having one or even a bunch of these will not be sufficient as illumination to light up a room, they will still act as a mood lamp as a nice decoration. The USB lamps come in five colors, blue, yellow red and white.

Watch the USB ghost lamps light up in dark in the short video clip below:



The USB Pac Man Style Ghost Lamps are available for $10 each at Brando USB.