foldable package chair 1

Not exactly the kind of foldable chair that packs flat, but this minimalistic and zen-like chair design called the package seat from designer Adrian Candela packs a unique chair in a shape that allows it to be hand carried like a package.

foldable package chair 2

Made of polycarbonate plastic which is both lightweight and strong, the package chair requires the user to assemble the chair from its initial shape which comprises of three steps. The outcome is a portable chair that is not only functional but also comes with its own style.

Looks like a interesting concept for a foldable chair. Makes it convenient for people who want to stop somewhere and take a seat anywhere. Having it in a shape of a box perhaps makes the chair able to carry stuff in the ‘package’ state and will be great for artists who may have a spark of inspiration in the middle of somewhere and be able to sit and get their painting tools out immediately to paint right on the spot.