panda itazura coin bank

The popular Itazura coin bank is back, now with a panda in the box. This time the cute panda native to China is the the latest addition to the big family of puppies and kitties notorious for stealing money from their box.

Just like the rest from the Itazura coin bank series, the bamboo shoot loving panda feeds its hunger by taking whatever is placed on top of the dish on the box; coins preferably, that is. With a quick slide of the panda’s mechanical paw, the coin drops into the box along with the rest of the collected loot.

However, nothing is actually lost as the enjoyment of watching this panda grab your coins turns into a fun way of saving spare change for a rainy day. A nice coin bank that doubles up as a toy besides its practical usage as a piggy bank.

The Panda Itazura Coin Bank retails for 1,950 yen at Strapya-World and starts shipping from mid-April 2011.