party plate with wine glass holder

Using a smartphone while doing something else is a norm these days. However it is not possible to text while holding a wine glass in one hand and a plate on another at a party.

Here’s one party plate that’ll ensure your guests will be able to enjoy their food and text at the same time. The party plate comes with a notch that works as a cup holder for stemmed glasses. Made of plastic, it allows a variety of food to be placed on it, including a walled section for sauces and dips.

With this place, guests will be able to drink and eat from it while using one hand for holding both food and drink, and the other hand for eating. This makes that hand free for using the ever versatile smartphone for texting, exchanging contacts, and taking selfies without the need to find a place to put the food and drink down first.

A useful and reusable party plate that will make mingling around more convenient for your guests.

The party plate with wine glass holder retails in a pack of 4 for $15.79 from Perpetual Kid.