fred pastasaurus dinosaur pasta server 1

Spaghetti is always a good choice for meals, not only great eaten outside, but also at home. Here’s one pasta server that doesn’t really look like a pasta serving scoop, but more like a dinosaur.

fred pastasaurus dinosaur pasta server 2

The Pastasaurus is a pasta server that is able to scoop and serve spaghetti more easily than with a normal scoop. With small little teeth along the edges, they work to prevent pasta from slipping so there’s less mess and less hassle moving the pasta from the pot to plate.

With the teeth lined along the edges, it does resemble that of a dinosaur’s mouth, making the design of the Pastasaurus a perfect dinosaur-themed kitchen tool.

A useful and clever designed dinosaur themed pasta server great for the kitchen and dining table.

The Pastasaurus dinosaur themed pasta server retails for $6.54 from Amazon.