pay to snooze alarm clock

As the idiom goes, “You snooze, you lose.” Here’s one alarm clock that shows that in its fine literal form.

This alarm clock, like a typical alarm clock comes with a snooze option. However, unlike the common snooze function, it requires to one to pay up in order to shut it up.

When the alarm goes off, you’ll have to insert a coin if you want to shut it off completely or to let it go into snooze mode. When it rings again, repeat the same thing until you’re wide awake and finally want to get out of bed.

A simple yet effective alarm clock that will help to quantify all that time lost while you snooze in terms of money. Also, the good part about it is that if you happen to like to snooze a lot, you’ll be able to fill it up with coins rather quickly.

The Pay to Snooze alarm clock retails for $41.99 from Perpetual Kid.