Porcelain vases and computers don’t seem like a good mix, considering the distinct difference in the age of humanity they emerged from. However this interesting item showed up at Computex 2009 from Taiwanese manufacturer ECS.

ecs porcelain vase pc 1

This is a Nettop computer is built to look like a decorative porcelain vase. Apart from the tell-tale signs from the slits at close-up, the unique looking PC-furniture mash-up certainly looks like a standard piece of Chinese-style furniture. It even comes with a matching oriental wooden stand to complete the look of a complete set.

ecs porcelain vase pc 2

ecs porcelain vase pc 3

The small form factor desktop is based on an Intel Atom 230 processor packed with 1GB of RAM, a 2.5 inch HDD and a Blu-Ray optical drive. As seen in the images, the USB and LAN slots are cleverly placed at the bottom of the PC where their respective cables can be placed under the wooden stand.

ecs porcelain vase pc 4