peg multipurpose customizable smartphone stand 1

Smartphone stands are usually good for only one thing, and that’s for keeping your smartphones standing up. Here’s one smartphone stand that not only does that, but also comes with an unlimited combination of features with the ability to be customized according to users’ needs.

peg multipurpose customizable smartphone stand 2

peg multipurpose customizable smartphone stand 3

This multipurpose smartphone stand called ‘Peg’ is a smartphone stand the comes with holes perforated into it. Not only do the holes make it more lightweight, it comes with pegs that fit the holes making it possible to create mini shelves on the stand. With the rubber pegs included, a wide variety of customizations can be made for supporting your smartphone and other accessories.

Watch the video of the Peg multipurpose smartphone stand in action below:



A cool stand that is useful for all kinds of smartphones and their accessories.

More info on the Peg smartphone stand on its Kickstarter campaign page.