golf club umbrella 1

Now you can perfect your golf swing just about anytime and anywhere as long as it rains, and even when it isn’t with this golf club umbrella.

golf club umbrella 2

golf club umbrella 3

The handle and bottom of this umbrella is made to resemble that of a golf club, while the body is simply a working umbrella that can be opened up for protection against rain or snow.

This golf club umbrella when it isn’t used during the rain, can be used for practicing one’s golf swing or posture. For a non-golfer, well this umbrella can just be carried around in the name of fun, and for attracting more eyeballs as you go about your daily travels.


  • The Golf Club Umbrella
  • Golf Iron Club in the Umbrella Top
  • Golf Grip Umbrella Handle
  • Umbrella Diameter: 126.0 cm
  • Folded Length: 100.0 cm
  • Umbrella Holder

The golf club umbrella retails for $39 from Brando Gadgets.