periodic lunch bag 1

Here’s one lunch bag that is just like a typical bag, but comes with a very readable label that tells everyone what is being carried.

periodic lunch bag 2

The ‘Periodic Lunch Bag’ is a carrier bag that comes with a label that spells ‘Lunch’, however it isn’t spelt with normal alphabet characters but with the atomic symbols of four elements in the periodic table, namely Lutetium, Nitrogen, Carbon, and Hydrogen.

Obviously, the exact composition of this lunch bag isn’t really the combination of these four elements, but being scientifically incorrect, it will still make every science geek brighten up every lunchtime.

The bag comes with an insulated filling on the inside of the cover, which will help to keep food warm for some time until the food is consumed.

A cool lunch bag that will be perfect for science geeks.

The Periodic lunch bag retails for $14.99 from ThinkGeek.