japanese air conditioner shirt 1

On a hot and sunny day, there’s nothing better than heading to the mall for some cool air-conditioning and doing some shopping as an excuse. However if you happen to be unable to do so, this personal air-conditioner shirt may surely be second best.

japanese air conditioner shirt 2

Hailing from Japan, the country where cool and wacky inventions are born, this air-conditioner in a shirt by Kufukucho keeps you cool in hot weather. The cooling system comes in the form of a control unit and two fans that are to be embedded in special compartments in the shirt which circulates fresh air from the outside right into the shirt and across your body.

Having air continuously flowing around the body inside the shirt will allow body heat to dissipate and prevents you from sweating, therefore keeping you cool during hot summer days.

The air conditioner shirt set comes with a polyester shirt, a control unit and a pair of fans. As the fans and control unit are detachable, it allows the shirt to go for a spin in the washer after use, just like an ordinary piece of garment.

Product Features:

  • P-500HC69 fan-cooled shirt
  • Short sleeves
  • Made from polyester
  • Color: Dark gray (color may vary slightly from images shown)
  • Air flow: about 20 liters per second (strong), about 12 liters per second (weak)
  • Size: small (chest 112cm, 44.1"), medium (116cm, 45.7"), large (120cm, 47.2"), extra large (124cm, 48.8")
  • Weight: about 550g (19.4 oz)
  • Power Consumption: 2.5W
  • Includes: fans x2, control box, cable
  • Power: AA batteries x2 (not included)


The personal air-conditioner shirt retails for $186 excluding shipping cost from Japanese importer Japan Trend Shop.