phonebloks build-it-yourself mobile phone 1

Here’s one cool concept for a smartphone, one that comes completely disassembled,  and you’ll be able to arrange and build it according to your needs.

phonebloks build-it-yourself mobile phone 2

The concept of Phonebloks is quite simple. Similar to Lego, there are various modules of a mobile phone available such as the screen, control button, battery, camera, and so on. These modules can then be arranged and installed on the base plate.

Installing the modules is as simple as sticking them on the holes of the base plate, which resembles the action of sticking electronic components on a breadboard.

Watch the video of the Phonebloks modular phone concept in action below:



The smartphone can be made as simple as a no-frills phone with the most basic functions, or a do-it-all multi-function phone. Best of all, the modules can be replaced or upgraded with another module as and when needed, therefore you do not have to abandon the phone if only a particular module is damaged or needs to be upgraded.

An interesting concept for a buildable smartphone that can be customized, replaced easily and upgraded continually to fit users’ needs.

More info on Phonebloks on it’s Thundercap project page.