pin pres customizable bookshelf 1

Ever wanted your bookshelf to grow to accommodate your book collection? Here’s a very interesting and fun design for this Pin Pres bookshelf from ‘OOO My Design’ that is made to look just like a bed of push pins standing vertically up.

pin pres customizable bookshelf 2

The pins can be changed to either stay flushed with the board or pop out simply by pushing each pin from the back. For the usable part the pins can be used like a book shelf while the unused portion can be changed into any shape you fancy quickly and easily.

pin pres customizable bookshelf 3

pin pres customizable bookshelf 4

The design also makes it double sided as well, so the bookshelf isn’t confined to the wall, which is useful for using as a partition of a room for example. Thus, if done correctly, both sides of this Pin Press bookshelf can be utilized fully to hold books and decorative items. Also, because of the pins can be independently adjusted, the bookshelf can be adjusted to accommodate and hold just about anything as long as its not wider than the length of the pins.

A great design for customizable bookshelf that’s ultra useful and fun-looking. That’s surely why it won a furniture design competition organized by Josep Ros furniture.