quirky pivot power mini multi socket wall plug 1

Ever need a couple more electrical sockets out of your AC mains from the wall without the mess and hassle of using extension cords? Here’s something called the Pivot Power Mini that not only looks cool but does the job of providing more electrical outlets for your needs.

quirky pivot power mini multi socket wall plug 2

quirky pivot power mini multi socket wall plug 3

The Pivot Power Mini turns a single power socket into 2 standard AC outlets and two USB ports. Without the need to hack your wall apart, or the risk or trying to change the face of the wall socket, it will allow you to add connect more electrical appliances. As it also comes with a built-in converter, it also comes with the USB ports that can power our portable devices which have become very common nowadays.

The most appealing part about the Pivot Power Mini has to be its size and portability. It does not take up much space and will also fold up nicely for storage or for traveling around. A nice little charging gadget that is similar to the size of a typical USB adaptor but provides much more in terms of connectivity.

The Pivot Power Mini multi socket wall plug retails for $24.99 from Quirky.