pixel foldable bathroom sink 1

Urban city dwellers know that space can be a luxury in an apartment home, so there are many ways people come up with to space space.

pixel foldable bathroom sink 2

pixel foldable bathroom sink 3

Here’s one bathroom sink design by Oriol Barri that can truly save space in a bathroom. How does it save space is that it only expands when needed. In it’s shrunk form it looks like a neat cabinet measuring only 16cm wide but when expanded it offers a full-sized bathroom sink and storage space for hanging towels or holding bathroom necessities.

The sink itself isn’t made of a solid material, but a waterproof and flexible material. This allows it to be folded or expanded into a full sink. The faucet is made to swivel while the drainage pipe is extendible so they will both work together correctly in the expanded state.

In its folded state when not in use, it will make the bathroom look larger and spacious while making the bathroom look very neat with a minimalistic theme.

A clever and interesting design that will surely save space when implemented into the design of a modern home.