pixelated hourglass salt shaker

This unique-looking pixelated hourglass salt shaker is one that can be filled up with either salt or pepper to be used on the dining table. An interesting salt shaker that is not only functional but also serves as a decoration as well.

Many PC users who have been using PCs for years will surely recognize this set of pixels made to resemble an hourglass symbol. This was perhaps one annoying icon that meant you have to wait for something to happen like a program to start up or wait for it indefinitely when a program hangs.

However as computer graphics get better with newer versions of programs and custom themes being used this pixelated hourglass icon is pretty much a thing of the past, at least on the computer screen that is.

However, if you do want to come up with a geeky theme for a kitchen and house, this creatively designed item will be suitable themed item for dispensing condiments like salt or pepper. Also the pixelated hourglass salt shaker may also come with a subtle message – that is to stop and think before adding more salt to your food for the sake of health.