Golf fanatics, heads up! Dutch company Golf On Tour has created the first mobile golf simulator. Golf simulators are not new to us but this is the very first that travels on wheels.

Mobile Golf Simulator 1

Mobile Golf Simulator 2

The mobile golf simulator plays 9 to 18 holes on existing golf courses. As long there is a place for the trailer to park, you have a location to play a game of golf. According to specs, the entire thing takes less than 30 minutes to deploy and provides the standard features that are found in static golf simulators.

Although I agree that most of the fun in golf is getting in touch with the landscape and nature, the advantage of the simulator is its mobility and therefore allows golfers to play in any location and weather condition. Not forgetting that if you are serious about perfecting your swing, you are able to do so with the swing analysis software coupled with controlled conditions.

Currently the mobile golf simulator units are only available for rent in the Netherlands, but looking at the potential of the system it is expected that such mobile simulators will be available to golfers around the world in the future.

Product Page via Trend Hunter