Remember the good ‘ol days of SNES gaming on the TV? Now you can do it on the iPhone. The interesting is that the gamepad resides on the screen so you’ll have to ‘thumb’ the screen to play the game.

iPhone SNES Emulator

This emulator is available for both the iPhone and iPod touch and the latest version is capable of saving states and showing the game either in portrait or landscape mode.

The SNES emulator is currently in its beta stage and a new version that includes sound support will be out soon, as the current version is only able to run background music but not sfx yet.

Over at Gizmodo, they had a go at the snes4iphone emulator too and not surprisingly it played pretty well on the iPhone so there you go, a seal of approval from the big ones out there.

Here’s an earlier version of the iPhone Super Nintendo emulator in action:


The SNES emulator for the iPhone and iPod Touch has been released by ZODTTD and is available for download here.