Probably after Singapore’s silver medal win at the 2008 Beijing Olympics in the women’s table tennis team event, there are many people out there who wish to pick up table tennis or bring their skills to the next level.

Here’s one item that will make playing table tennis possible on any table, the Rollnet portable retractable ping pong net!

artengo table tennis net 1

artengo table tennis net 2

The Rollnet portable ping pong net is basically a retractable net that will fit the width of almost any table, be it a conference table, dining table or even a table at the park.

This is a very clever product from Artengo. Basically it works just like one of those retractable stands that guide queue lines in banks and many other outdoor events. Why do we see so many of those queue stands everywhere? They’re convenient to use of course, which I believe is also the case for this interesting product.

The Artengo Rollnet sells for €13,50 (approx US$19.20) here.

via trendsnow