playable mario cardboard box game 1

This is literally a working physical Super Mario game in a box, a cardboard box that is. Made with electronics and a bunch of scrolling film with magnets as enemies. The core of this system is a bunch of electronics and servo motors which control the moving parts in this unique-looking game system.

playable mario cardboard box game 2

playable mario cardboard box game 3

playable mario cardboard box game 4

What the player needs to do is to start the game, and the lid of the box opens up for play. There’s a little knob at the side of the box which is used as the controller to move Mario up and down along a perpetually scrolling screen to avoid obstacles like boxes, Goombas and pipes.

Watch the Super Mario in a cardboard box game in action below:

Looks pretty cool for a game reminiscent of one of those wind up handheld games from the past. Unfortunately with this Super Mario game there are no power-ups and all you have to do is to avoid obstacles, but that doesn’t mean it will be easy on you as the game speeds up every time you beat a level. The best part is that every time you lose, the box will close its lid cruelly on you in a snap.