playable real life angry birds game 1

Angry Birds, the game is a game that you and me play on our personal devices such as mobile phones. It’s simply a one player game as you progress on to different stages throughout the land of green pigs.

However if you need to get a bunch of players and spectators to enjoy a game of Angry Birds, the game has to go beyond the world of 2D graphics and game software and into the real world. That’s where this real-life Angry Birds game comes into play.

playable real life angry birds game 2

playable real life angry birds game 3

The Angry Birds Knock on Wood game is a set of toy pieces based on the Angry Birds game. It comes in a pack consisting of mission cards and toy pieces like structural parts such as beams, crates and the launcher catapult and also the characters of the game such as the different colored birds and their green pig nemeses.

Angry Birds Knock on Wood game can be played by 2-4 players. Players draw a mission card from the stack and can then build a stage as according to the image displayed on the card. After the stage is built, it can then be torn down by launching the birds into the structure just like in the game.

While building the toy stages can take time, it can also put creative juices to work if the players want to create their own unique stages. Certainly looks like a whole lot of fun to play Angry Birds in real-life as an alternative 3D version of a 2D game that used to exist only in smartphones. Unfortunately or fortunately depending on the way you look at it, there are no power-ups that come with the yellow and black bird in this real-life version so everything flies pretty much the same way the original red bird does.

The Angry Birds Knock on Wood real-life Angry Birds game retails for $19.99 on Amazon.