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For the home of the current digital generation, there will always be new gadgets and gizmos being added day to day. One of the common headaches when it comes to electronic and electrical products is that they have to be powered or recharged with electricity and there is no running away from electrical cable and cords that connect directly to them or through a docking station.

plug hub cable management gadget 2

plug hub cable management gadget 3

This useful product called the Plug Hub is a cable management box with a hinged cover that will keep your floor free from messy cables by containing all of them neatly within a plastic compartment.

The Plug Hub can be made to sit on the floor or mounted on the wall according to the user’s needs. All you need to do is to get a power strip extension that fits the dimensions of the base of the box and let it sit directly below.

Watch the video of the Plug Hub in action below:



The electrical plugs of your various electrical products can then be plugged into the power strip as usual but now you have a set of hooks within the plastic cable management box that lets you coil the wires neatly in rows instead of letting them lay flat on the floor in a mess.

Simply close the box when you’re done and you get one clutter-free power strip for your power needs. One cable management box with a simplistic design that’s clean-looking and particularly useful for containing the chaos usually associated with long electrical cables.

The Plug Hub cable management box retails for $28.95 on Quirky.