plug out plug organizers 1

There are some electrical outlets in our homes and workplaces that, unlike others that only have a single appliance attached to it. Some of these wall outlets are placed in a very accessible place and more often than not always have more than one electrical device vying for that very same wall outlet. Because of that, the plugs of other appliances not plugged into the wall socket will be left on the floor, looking untidy and creating a tangled mess. It can be impossible at times to tell which plug is for which device especially if they all look the same.

Here’s one solution to the messy plug problem. Apart from purchasing a power strip to accommodate all the plugs, this will also get around the problem of plugs being left on the floor when not in use.

The Plug Out plug organizer is a simple hook system that hangs the electrical plug in place when not in use, and in additional allows one to label each slot so that the plugs can be easily identified for convenience.

Also a good way to save on electricity bills when you keep a habit of having appliances plugged out when not in use to prevent vampire power usage from electrical devices that draw power even when in standby mode.

The Plug Out plug organizer come in a set of 2 per pack and retails for $7.49 from Perpetual Kid.