swiss army inspired pocket cutlery set

Forgotten to take a spoon after buying a takeaway sundae or a plastic fork from the convenience store after purchasing cup noodles? Never fret because this Swiss Army inspired pocket cutlery set may one day save you and your hungry stomach.

Similar to a typical multi-tool gadget, this pocket cutlery kit features a set of foldable spoon and fork that can be used like normal cutlery anywhere on the go. The foldable design allows it to be portable enough to be carried in a haversack for camping or in a pocket highly suitable for food ninjas waiting to spring a surprise raid on an unsuspecting friend’s meal.

Besides the useful fork and spoon, this creative gadget also comes with a bottle opener for drinks and a foldable blade for cutting up steak or opening pesky snack packages.

The handy pocket cutlery is available in three colors, black, green and orange. Available for $11.99 each at Perpetual Kid.