Feel like drumming up a beat while travelling on public transportation? Or you suddenly have the urge to drum along to your favorite tunes on your mp3 player? The portable pocket drummer will let you play the drums as long as you have two available thumbs for hitting the buttons on this keychain sized musical gadget.

Each button on the pocket drummer corresponds to the four most common sounds available on a set of drums. This allows you to create your own beats or simply play like you’re part of the band as the song plays on your MP3 player.

The pocket drummer hooks up to the output earphone port of any media player and provides another earphone port so you’ll be able to hear your own drumming mixed into the song currently playing on the MP3 player with your earphones plugged right into it.

A plus point is that it allows you to drum yourself senseless without being a nuisance to others, however it does tend to look a little weird as if you’re mashing buttons in total silence in the eyes of strangers. The pocket drummer is available from Strapya-World at 1,980 yen each.