convenient 4-in-1 keychain-tool convenient 4-in-1 keychain tool with keys

This pocket-sized 4-in-1 keychain tool is definitely a creative gadget that will come in handy when one gets into a situation in places where one is unlikely to find other tools lying around but this compact tool attached to a bunch of keys that are always carried around in the pocket.

While in the hands of the average Joe it is no doubt a convenient and compact tool for opening bottle caps and performing ad-hoc tasks like tightening or removing screws but in the hands of Macgyver it becomes an item that can be improvised and incorporated into something else to create a tool of epic proportions.

The pocket-sized 4-in-1 keychain tool comes with a bottle opener, Phillips and flat head screwdrivers and a 1/4” hex nut driver in a compact form the size of typical keys. Available for $4.99 at ThinkGeek.