pocketplug iphone charger casing 1

Here’s one casing that makes it very simple charge an iPhone. How simple? As simple as plugging the iPhone directly into an electrical outlet.

pocketplug iphone charger casing 2

Unlike iPhone cases that come as external battery packs, this iPhone case comes with an integrated AC adapter that is able to receive power from any electrical power source and transfer it to the iPhone. This makes it very easy to charge an iPhone simply by plugging the entire unit into an electrical outlet, without the inconvenience of charging cables.

By building the AC adapter into the form of a case, it provides a viable alternative to using external battery packs because as long as there are electrical outlets around, your iPhone will never run out of battery with this iPhone casing.

A cleverly designed iPhone casing that makes it ultra convenient for charging.

The PocketPlug iPhone charger casing retails for $69.95 from Prong.