This is a clock-toy combo called the Tuttuki Bako box that’s due to be released by Bandai Japan. All you need is a finger to play games within this weird but unique digital box.

tuttuki box 1

tuttuki box 2

On the outside, the box looks like an ordinary box with a LCD screen on it. The big difference is that apart from telling the time, it allows you to play a few wacky games within.

Look at the hole located at the side of the Tuttuki Box or Tuttuki Bako, all you need to do is to insert your finger and a virtual finger like yours pops up on the screen. The next obvious thing to do is to wiggle it and interact and play with whatever comes up on the screen.

Seems like a pretty interesting idea for a twist on the standard clock. Probably the manufacturers hope that after a couple of games everyone will eventually have a super agile finger to save the world!

Check out the video demo of this product: