polyply ipad apple stand 1

This is a nice custom-made stand made just for embedding Apple devices on, namely an iPad, an iPhone, an iPod and a capacitive stylus to top it off.

polyply ipad apple stand 2polyply ipad apple stand 3

This one-of-a-kind stand, named the Polyply is made of white acrylic which took LA design student Andrew Kim two weeks to make. The backing of the stand is made of plywood birch while the minimalistic front is made of acrylic which has been laser-cut to the sizes of the respectively Apple gadgets. Handy precut slots and device orientation included in the design also allow the iPad, iPhone and iPod to be charged even when they are already embedded in the stand.

A nicely designed project produced by this budding designer who came up with this idea to use a single stand to keep all the devices upright so that they do not need separate stands of their own, thereby reducing clutter on the desktop.

We do know that Apple likes to change the shape and size of its gadgets all the time, so this is probably a one-off thing before the devices made for this stand get outdated. However, since the materials used are quite accessible it shouldn’t be an issue to prevent Andrew from making new versions of Polyply stands for his new Apple hardware as they age through their iterations.