portable-briefcase-arcade-machine 1

Games these days are small enough to fit in pockets as smartphone apps. but they can somehow never replicated the feeling of playing on an arcade machine.

portable-briefcase-arcade-machine 2

Here’s one DIY portable arcade machine called the ‘Briefcade’ that is made to fit in a carry-around briefcase. The upper lid houses the display screen, where the bottom holds a Raspberry Pi tiny computer with the software that runs the retro arcade game. Finally, the removable arcade joystick is made to fit right on top complete with the necessary arcade buttons to play the game, the old-fashioned way.

This sort of makes it look like a laptop computer, but specially for recreating the feeling of playing on an arcade machine where ever you go.

A cool briefcase arcade machine that’ll surely earn the praise of arcade-gaming fans.

More pictures and the detailed making of this portable arcade machine at Travis Reynolds’ blog.