card shaped portable razor 1

Most shaving razors are designed specifically for easy of usage, especially in the way the razor is held. That’s why their heads are always angled for maximum comfort. Here’s one razor that is primarily designed for portability but also with comfort in mind.

This flat portable shaving razor comes as a portable card shaped like a credit card allowing it to be packed neatly anywhere like in a toiletries bag for travelling.

card shaped portable razor 2

The portable card-sized shaving razor will be able to fit in the wallet or simply sit in the pocket without taking up much space at all. The receptacle holding the usable part of the shaving razor in place also holds the spare cartridges and a mirror at the back which are incredibly good features; allowing one to mow down those stubs anytime and anywhere with just the kit alone.

With this portable razor, one will never be spotted unshaven outdoors ever again.

Product Specifications:

  • Portable razor in card size
  • With mirror
  • Easy to carry and use
  • Size: 98* 86*3mm
  • Weight: 20g


    The portable card-sized shaving razor retails for $14 at Gadget4all.