portable instant ping pong set 1

Here’s a quick way to turn any table into a ping-pong table with an instant ping-pong set like the one above. The main feature of this instant ping-pong set revolves around the design of the portable retractable net that allows it to be placed in the middle of a table for a game of ping-pong.

portable instant ping pong set 2portable instant ping pong set 3

The entire set is kept compact when not in use, with the hollow stems of the portable table tennis net serving as storage areas for the foldable twin bat handles and ping-pong balls.

A nice portable instant ping-pong set suitable for storage in the trunk of a vehicle that can be deployed quickly to play a couple of rounds practically anywhere as long there’s a suitable table around that can be used for such a purpose. Available at Uncommongoods for $40 a set.