portable milk frother set

Fancy making a cup of cappuccino at home. It can be quite difficult to do so if you do not have a cappuccino machine around in your home. However with this handy portable milk frother you can simply make frothed milk for favorite coffee, latte and smoothies.

The portable motorized milk frother set comes with a cup and a handheld blender. Simply add chilled milk into the cup and switch on the frothing attachment while moving it up and down the milk. With enough agitation the milk will form bubbles and foam up while increasing in volume. Next, microwave the frothed milk for 30 seconds and then you can use the warmed up milk foam for a nice cup of homemade latte.

Definitely a handy tool for coffee lovers and also useful for blending flavored drinks and shakes besides using it just for making milk foam.

The portable milk frother set runs on 2 AA batteries and retails for 1,500 yen on Rakuten Global.