portable wall torch lamp 1

Wall torches are a staple in movies and games when there are castles and dungeons involved. Here’s one wall torch that will offer that bit of real life adventure right in your room.

portable wall torch lamp 2

This wall torch is made to function almost like a real fire torch to light up dark places, which isn’t that different from the way it was used in the past before the invention of electricity and the light bulb. It comes with a flickering light that adds to the realism, where it can be placed in the holder and mounted right on the wall.

With the torch being powered by batteries, it can be made portable so whenever it is needed elsewhere, it can be taken off the holder and carried around just like a real life game.

Not only can it be used for illumination, it also works as a night lamp for the young ones.

A fun-looking wall torch that will add a sense of adventure to a bedroom or playroom.

The portable wall torch lamp retails for $14.99 from Amazon.