The GAEMS suitcase, recently spotted at E3 2010 is a specially designed case that turns an Xbox 360 console into a portable gaming system without any additional modifications to existing hardware.

This gaming suitcase is meant to act as both a protection to the console and as a means for gamers who travel frequently to play games on the go without the hassle of packing each component of their console separately. It also contains a 15” 720p LCD and a set of speakers built into the underside of the lid, meaning you can actually play right from the suitcase without the need of finding a TV set to plug into.

The single AC jack that goes into the suitcase is really a neat deal and hopefully a single cord will be able to power the screen, speakers and console at the same time. Unfortunately due to space considerations there is no available allotment for the storage of consoles. The good thing is that this preliminary prototype is made for the original Xbox 360 and there is news of a newer version designed for the Xbox 360 Slim, which we hope will provide space for at least a single controller. The GAEMS portable gaming suitcase system is slated for a 2010 Q4 release at an estimated price of $250.